Historical Timeline:

1890: The first distillery is built

1937: Flor de Caña rums are introduced to the Nicaraguan Market

1954: "Compañia Licorera de Nicaragua, S.A." is founded

1959: Flor de Caña’s positioning is strengthened

1959: Exports of Flor de Caña begin

1963: The industrial plant is modernized

1971: The distillery in Honduras is built

1972: Ron Plata is introduced to the Nicaraguan market

1974: Light rums are introduced to the Nicaraguan and Central

American markets

1975: The industrial plant is again modernized

1986: A new distillation plant is built

1992: An entire new line of rums and aguardientes is introduced

1996: Total modernization of the plant is completed

1996: The export of alcohol and aged rum in bulk begins

1999: Rum Marketing International Ltd. is founded, including the

repositioning of the Flor de Caña brand and marketing and

sales personnel in 5 regions of the world